Citizens Utility Board of Wisconsin (CUB) is a member-supported nonprofit organization that advocates for reliable and affordable utility service on behalf of residential and small business customers of electric, natural gas, and water utilities before the Public Service Commission (PSC), the legislature, and the courts.

CUB has represented the interests of Wisconsin utility customers for more than 35 years.  CUB’s successful advocacy on the part of residential and small business customers before the PSC has cut more than $3 billion from Wisconsin utility bills since 2008.

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6401 Odana Rd.
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Madison, WI 53719

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Mission Statement

CUB's Mission is to:

CUB History

In 1979, the Wisconsin legislature created CUB to give residential and small business utility ratepayers a voice before the PSC, the state agency that sets the rates charged by certain electric, natural gas, and water utilities as well as decides whether utility power plants or transmission lines need to be constructed.

In 1986, CUB reorganized as a private nonprofit organization in response to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that prevented CUB from inserting membership brochures in utility bills, negatively impacting CUB’s ability to increase membership and raise funds to advocate on behalf of ratepayers.

CUB exists today because of the power and generosity of its members, as well as grants it receives to represent residential and small business customers in proceedings before the PSC.  CUB is a 501(c)(3) organization supported by members who are willing to help CUB fight for reliable and affordable utility service.

Services Provided by CUB

When utilities propose to increase rates, or to build power plants and transmission lines, they must apply to the PSC for approval.  CUB intervenes before the PSC to investigate the utility proposal, and when it finds that the proposal would harm customers, it presents expert testimony and submits written arguments to counter utility claims. 

CUB’s successful advocacy on the part of residential and small business customers before the PSC has cut more than $3 billion from Wisconsin utility bills since 2008.  In 2014 alone, CUB helped keep more than $161 million in utility-proposed increases out of ratepayers' bills. That means for every ratepayer dollar (i.e., grant funds or intervenor compensation) that CUB received it helped save customers more than $350. The grant funds received by CUB equate to less than 14 cents per customer per year.

CUB Board of Directors

PresidentEileen Hannigan
Vice-President - John Hendrick
Treasurer - Bob Norcross
Secretary - Joel Dresang
Carol Stemrich

CUB Staff

  Executive Director
Tom Content
(608) 251-3322 ext. 12
Utility Analyst
Corey Singletary
(608) 251-3322 ext. 15
Communications & Outreach
Richard Storck
(608) 251-3322 ext. 10
Staff Attorney
Kurt Runzler
(608) 251-3322 ext. 14


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Community Shares of Wisconsin

CUB is proud to be a member of Community Shares of Wisconsin, a member-directed federation that raises money to support its 60+ member agencies that work for social, economic, and environmental justice at the local, state, and national levels. Member agencies like CUB receive 100% of your gift when it comes through Community Shares.

More than 100 public and private employers including federal agencies, the State of Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin, Dane County, and the City of Madison, offer Community Shares of Wisconsin as a giving option for their employees in Wisconsin. See complete list of employers.

If your workplace offers a workplace giving campaign through Community Shares you can contribute to CUB during your workplace giving campaign.

Payroll Contribution

You can make a payroll contribution by authorizing your employer to deduct a set amount from each pay period until your pledge is paid in full. With payroll contribution, you can spread out the total amount of your contribution over a longer period of time - which makes it easier to make a larger gift.